Should my business be on tiktok

Should my business be on TikTok?

The answer to this question is – it depends. But I have compiled a list of useful questions to ask yourself to find out if it’s the right place for your business to be marketed. Many businesses get slightly intimidated by TikTok. It’s much more tailored to a younger audience overall than the other platforms […]

social media marketing trends

8 social media marketing trends for 2023

Would you like to discover emerging social media marketing trends that you can put to work right now? Wondering what will matter in 2023? I’ve researched and rounded up some predictions on key social media marketing trends for 2023 that business owners and marketers should be aware of. 1. Short form video content leads the […]

Digital marketing Podcasts

6 digital marketing podcasts worth listening to

If you work in social media or another area of digital marketing, podcasts are a brilliant way of keeping up with what’s happening in the digital world. Not only that, but they’re a great place to learn about relevant news, industry updates, platform updates and tips and advice from others as to what’s worked for […]


The evolution of LinkedIn

Once upon a time, a social media network was born – one that seemed geared only to employers looking for new employees, and employees looking for work. Unlike other personal social media networks, LinkedIn was rather “corporate”, and very much about being professional and showcasing skills. Then businesses began to wake up to the potential […]

Social media staff profiles

Staff profiles: why and how to introduce your team on social media

It’s really important to give your followers and clients a peek “behind the curtain”, and this can be done by showcasing what it’s like to work at your company and who the people are working behind the scenes. Staff profiles humanise your brand, help your clients and audience connect with your business, and create opportunities […]

Best social media tips in 2022

My greatest social media tips for 2022

Right now, businesses need to be very strategic with their social media efforts if they want to get their message heard above all the noise on social platforms. It’s my full time job to help dozens of businesses in a variety of sectors utilise social media, through content creation and organically growing their audiences. There […]

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