trending music instagram reels

How to find trending music on Instagram Reels

If you want to boost your Instagram reach with Reels, using trending audio is a good place to start. But how do you find the music that’s trending? I’ve listed my top tips for finding trending songs and sounds on Instagram Reels, so you can drive more engagement. 1. Browse Instagram’s weekly trend report The […]

LinkedIn algorithm 2023

How the LinkedIn algorithm works in 2023

LinkedIn have recently spilled the beans on some key algorithm insights as to how their platform works and what it prioritises. The platform has 810 million users and counting, and their algorithm has to process billions of posts every day, so it takes in all sorts of factors.  So how can you up your game […]

Facebook business page

Should I still have a Facebook business page?

Using Facebook definitely has its benefits for businesses, with many prioritising the platform for their paid advertising campaigns because of their successful results. And since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s easier to establish a presence on both platforms, as they work well together with many of the same features – linking your accounts and messages, comparing […]

LinkedIn company page vs personal profile

During social media training sessions I am often asked about the differences between using a LinkedIn company page versus a personal profile. If you’re familiar with Facebook, the differences between a business page and a personal profile on LinkedIn are quite similar to Facebook. The only thing to note is that you can promote your […]

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